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More great shots of me. I’m as cuddly as a teddy bear-lol

Sleepy head

Sleepy head 2
Ma says she sorry she doesn’t visit kitty blogs as much as she should. She’s been really busy doing various things. And Daisy, your blog still isn’t showing up for us. ; (



  1. The Woman says she wants to pick you up and squeeze you. I’d hide if I were you, just in case she finds you.

  2. You do look very cuddly! Sometimes my Mommie calls me a “sleepy-creepy-head”. I am not sure that is a nice name.

    I am sad that my blog does not work for you. I wish I knew how to fix it!

  3. You are so so cute~~~~
    I often have this expression as well!

  4. You look all soft and cuddly. Mum sez she’d like to come and cuddle you.

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