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Dad took these photos! He is funny because he had to lay on his tummy to get these of me under the sofie! I like it under that sofie. It’s like spelunking in a way, but nice and warm and no bats!
Under the sofie

Under the sofie-2

My ma is having ‘senior moments’ later and she’s not quite a senior yet. She was in the toothpaste aisle of the drugstore and saw toothpaste with a kitty on the front label on sale. She grabbed it and brought it home-still not reading the label! So she squirted some of it on her finger and rubbed it on my mouth (thanks to Martha Stewart for putting that in her brain!) and it smelled like fruit! She put little kid toothpaste on my mouth-ugh-poohie! I had to go in the kitchen and eat some dinner to make my mouth stinky again. Geez.



  1. That’s a good place to hide. It looks cozy. Oh, no, you got Hello Kitty toothpaste in your mouth? Ugh! No wonder you headed straight for the kitchen.

  2. Sometimes I like to hide under the bed. I cannot fit under my sofa. Darn it!

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