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Ma has been busy around the house. The first thing she did was to wash all my bedding! She said she was surprised my fur didn’t clog the washer up! I had to sleep on the naked foam bed until the cover came out of the dryer. Then it smelled like flowers and I didn’t get in it right away.

Mom said she is trying to make more room in our basement (for me I hope!). Every Tuesday is now ‘Toss it Tuesday’. She gets a load of old magazines and boxes and they get put outside for the trash man. Let’s just say she has her work cut out for her.

Fridays are neat as they are having fishy things for 6 weeks (I hope). I got lots of nibbles of tuna from Dad today.

And ma had a good laugh. She was looking at something called ‘Webkinz’ website (see photo below) and the little critter was jumping on a trampoline and I saw it and moved my head in wonderment! She thought that was funny. I wanted to play!

And for your amusement-other kitties looking cute!Other kitties



  1. I think my Mommie ought to have a Toss-it Tuesday, too!

  2. Those white kitties are furry cute. Mum sez dad needs a toss it tuesday in the garage cuz she sez it looks like a bomb has hit it.

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