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I thought my ma was going to fall on the floor laughing when she read this.

Well obviously she doesn’t have this problem or she wouldn’t be laughing about that poor kitty who was scooting his fanny around on the floor. Now they know what that ‘stuff’ is that comes out when dad picks me up too fast or something scared me. It isn’t to perfumey now is it?



  1. Sometimes Pixie makes some of that stuff come out when she is at the VET and she gets a little bit scairt. Yuck!

  2. =snort=

    Funny…and after following a link from that blog, I now know more about anal glands than I ever hoped to…

  3. I don’t do much with the “glands”, but Pumpkin does when he’s startled. Don’t feel too bad ’bout it … supposedly, it’s a natural cat phenomena … It sure does freak out moms out, though! Smeellllyyyy!

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