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Happy New Year too! Thanks for your comments pals.

And I’ve been actually enjoying my play cube, but I need something in it to attack, like a bow off a package or a balled up piece of paper. : )

Well my ma and dad are both sick-you know when humans start hacking up hairballs (though I don’t see any) and blowing their noses with paper stuff. Yeck! I try to comfort ma, but I can tell she’s too restless. She seems better (it’s been 5 days woman!), but she was coughing like she has a hairball the size of my head. They’re going to get fatter with all the take-out food too that I like to watch them eat. She said to watch out for your sinuses feeling the slightest bit funny. She was buying tons of food on the 30th and felt stinky the rest of the week. Dad just got it yesterday. My human bro Sean isn’t sick, but he better get it before he goes back to the college over the mountains. Just an update.


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  1. Sorry your mom and dad got sick. My Daddie is sick, but not my Mommie. I hope they feel better soon.

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