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I’ve been outside quite a bit this last week since dad cleaned up the sticky burrs from under the chestnut trees. Here is how clever I am…ma says ‘Scratch’ and I head right to one of the chestnut trees and have a nice long claw sharpening session-it was awesome!

The ear drop fiasco lasted about 9 days. After 5 days, ma went down to one drop a day-brrrrrr….I was glad as they are so cold from being in the frig. She said since she wasn’t seeing that much wax, she’d cut me a break. She also said the vet is smart. If she had done it for 14 days and 2 times a days, the drops would have run out. She said this way, if my ears get bad again, she’d have the drops to treat me for a few days.

I know it’s getting chilly at night and in the morning. I was freezing and let out a few good loud cries this morning, waking up mom. She called me and I went right in her room and snuggled for a while. It was toasty.

Another good place for a nap:
Cos in full snooze



  1. Doing a “scratch” on command is a great trick! I do not know how to do that. But when I use my scratching post, my Mommie always says “Good scratching, Daisy!” and she seems very happy with me.

  2. Glad to hear your ear problem is getting better. Was it an infection or just dirt?

  3. thats berry smart abowt teh scratching on the tree cosmo. yur a cutie laying there asleep. you should try to do whut i do once the heat blower comes on. i sleep right in front of it belly directed at it. piper pushes sissy off her heating pad at night….chyna

  4. There’s nuffin like a real tree furr sharpening yer claws.

  5. You get to scratch on a REAL tree? WOW.
    ::blink:: What’s it like? ::blink::
    Oh, right, <a href=””Cosmo, we’s tagged you fur the desktop meme. Haf fun, an keep snugglin wif Mom. It’s the bestest way to enjoy cooler weather.

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