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I am in prison….

I feel trapped! I heard the word v-e-t and I am doomed. The cat carrier isn’t out of the basement (yet) and I heard something about no dinner until we get home! Dad must be helping ma instead of Sean this year. They have to take the top off of the carrier and stick me in and rescrew it (HA HA).

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Update- Ma brought up the carrier about 4:45 and cleaned it out. She put catnip in it! She kept sitting me in it (the lid was unscrewed). First with a Greenie treat and then a bit of butter. Dad came home and they stuffed me in the thing and almost got my tail stuck! I started crying then and there and the entire 12 minute ride to the vet. Since it was late, they took me in right away and ma opened the carrier and I got out. The office is all hooked up to the puter in all the rooms and they ask if there is a ‘problem’ and type it in. Ma mentioned my copious ear wax. I weighed 14 pounds 7 ounces, a bit heavy (but high normal), I’m a guy! Dr. Wendy came in and looked me over and got out a gazillion long sticked q-tips. Then she started digging in my ears! She said I need some drops for a few weeks to see if that helps. Ma said ok! Gee, she better wear her eyeglasses and a rain coat as I’ll be shaking my head like crazy. Ma’s tummy was growling like crazy and I was hungry too as I usually get fed at 5 and it was 6. Then I got stuck with a needle! The two ladies were impressed with me as usual, said I was a really nice guy. After they left I sulked back in the carrier and cried the entire way home. I got the last laugh when ma saw that they charged her $10 for cleaning out my ears! That’s something she does all the time. Robbers!

That cat ‘Larry’ (with the pink nose and long fur) was still there and he had the nerve to come to the carrier and check me out. He then jumped like 5 feet to the highest countertop! What a show off!



  1. Oh, doooood…you’re suppose to poop on EVERYONE at the stabby place. It’s the LAW!

  2. Oh Cosmo! That is some very, very terrible torture you had! I hate getting my ears cleaned, it feels yucky. Why can’t the dirt just stay inside our ears? I do not understand this.

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