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So the peeps left me in the basement for a few days last week so they could go to the big sandbox where bro Sean could get one more fling in before school starts. Yeah, he won’t be around here anymore for a while. That means another few days in the dungeon for me when they go over the mountains to the college place. It’s really not that bad, I have a padded perch in a window so I can check out the backyard. This last time, I ate every morsel of food and there was a ton of it. I hope ma leaves just as much at the end of the week!

Mom did have me out for the longest time over the weekend. It wasn’t hot and I even ventured in the backyard where the snake hose is. I went over and sniffed it and then I started getting all spazzy and ma tossed me in the back door. It smelled like old grass and stuff I couldn’t identify!

I’ve been cooped up inside for 3 days now because of the wet weather. Nice snuggling weather though. See ya soon!


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  1. I hope you get released from the Dungeon soon! I am glad you have a good spot to look Outside, anyway.

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