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It’s been days and days since I have smelled the fresh air and eaten my full of green grass as it’s been terribly hot and sticky, not good for furry guys like me. Look at me here:
A head lean

I just did this head lean thing all day. I didn’t get in my bed or anything. I slept on the rug close to the front door.

Finally after dinner, ma said-this poor cat needs to go outside! I nearly fainted. You can be sure I ran to the door. And the weather has changed. No more oven, it was like a hint of fall tonight. There is grass sticking out everywhere-ma hasn’t been weeding! Ha-I know that bothers her. So I ate my grass, did my sniffing and wondering and even saw where the apple tree  fell over, at least what is left of it. Dad’s been sawing off branches and it looks weird. I wasn’t sure what the ‘apples things’ were, but ma said not to be afraid.

Needless to say, I was more content and slept on the cozy bed spread for most of the evening. Dad hopes I didn’t get any ticks on me or the bed!



  1. We’re glad yer weather wuz a bit cooler today. It’s no fun when yer too hot all the time.

  2. You are very lucky to get to go Outside! I have not been Outside in many days because it is so hot and humid here. I can’t wait for Fall!

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