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Baby catbird
So I was out on my walk around the yard and a Mama catbird kept yelling at ma and me! Ma got near a little bush and stopped suddenly like something scared her. The above young catbird is what she saw! She tied me up to get the flashy box and Sean. I think the little guy got dazed by all the bright lights! Ma then moved me over to the lounge chair and tied me up again! She got a stick (yeah, hit it over the head for Cos), but no, she was trying to get the birdie to sit on it! It then started flapping its wings and hopped across the yard near ‘the bad road’. I couldn’t believe it! I went as far as I could go on the harness-not far, dang it! I got really close to the ground and scurried along too. The birdie must have found its bed as it got quiet. I then had to go in. What excitement!


One Comment

  1. That’s a great photo of the little bird! I can see all his feathers and his beady little eye and everything!

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