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Going outside is a hit or miss thing for me. I want to sometimes, other times I see ma open the door and I go hide.

I got a free can of Sheba in the mail today-ma opened it for me as a treat, I sniffed it and walked away-not to my liking.

I think somethings going on here. Sean, my big bro keeps buying stuff he doesn’t need-new towels, a tv, crates

Cat in a crate

-I think he is hitting the pike! I’ll miss him and I’m sure I’ll be putting up with a few days of tears from you-know-who, but can I have his room, pretty please? I won’t jump on you in the morning and wake you up ma! Guess Sean needs to ‘finish his education’ up at the big school over the hills.



  1. Oh, I am sorry Sean is leaving for a little while. But it would be fantastic to have your very own room!

  2. ohh hafing yur own rum seems nise. yoo shuld definatly paint it a color yoo like. we has owr own rum too (fur now) but we has to share wiff each other….bladey

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