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Ma learned something new or ‘remembered’ something she may have forgotten in her old age (hahaha). We have big old Chestnut trees in the side yard. You’ve seen me scratch the one in my photos below. So this time of year they make a terrible mess dropping their flowers called ‘catkins’! Mom looked it up and said catkins are the male part of the chestnut and the little burr that has the chestnuts inside is the female. Why catkins? They don’t look like any ‘kin’ of mine. You decide…

Chestnut tree catkins



  1. Hmm, that is a very funny name. I think they should be called “caterpillar-kins”!

  2. Well, sort of like a kittie tail? But mum says lots of plants have things called catkins.

  3. why catkins? because beans is weird, that’s why!

  4. We haf catkins too but they’s diffrunt to them. Not as long, yellowish and more bobbly.
    We haf pussy willow too which is white and fluffy.

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