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So tonight ma took me out on the harness, minus the plastic  covered metal extra leash that usually extends it. She was pulling on it more than I was use to. I walked all over the side yard eating grass to my heart’s content. But she couldn’t get me to the back yard where I had the freak out over the garden hose last week! I started growling and she picked me up and put me on the glider next to her in the side yard. You know I liked it! She petted me and we sat there for the longest time watching catbirds and cardinals twittering around the trees.

I was napping on ma’s bed-it’s like a cloud. I am so relaxed tonight-whew!


One Comment

  1. I am glad you got to go outside again and you did not freak out. Maybe you got confused and thought the hose was a SNAKE!

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