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It started a few weeks back when I did the karate chop of mom’s table. I must confess something….I’m afraid of…..

Cords and hoses!

I’m a bit embarrassed. Last Thursday I completely freaked when I was near the garden hose outside. This was the day before the family left me for 2.5 days stuck in the basement while they drove up to a place called NYC.

Sean got a lappy top thingie and it has a funny looking cord with a box attached to it. I don’t like it at all.

Today mom was dusting under some furniture and found a bunch of my toys (one of which got sucked up in the vacuum-good job there ma). I was playing like my old self.

I heard mom say she is afraid to take me outside because of the hose thing as she doesn’t want me to get strangled if I freak out any worse than I did last week. That was the worst she had seen.

Anybody else freak like that?



  1. I freak out like that at the v-e-t whenefurr the v-e-t comes near me. Then I pee all ofurr the v-e-t and myself. Then I start to pant because I’m so afraid. – Miles

  2. It’s perfectly okay to freak out in such a situation…tigers have been known to hiss at hoses and pipes!

  3. One time, Pixie was looking out the window and she saw another cat. She went crazy because she was so scared. She ran away without looking where she was going and ran into the walls. She pooped and pottied right where she was standing. She made a horrible screaming noise. And then she went and hid for about 3 days. Then she was better. This was many years ago, and it has not happened again.

  4. I freak out at the outside. I like to look out there but only once the Meowmas son (he dont live here now, but did then) tried to take me out the back door. Meowma & sissy said not to but he (he was shirtless too) opened the back door wiff me over his shoulder I felt he breeze and screamed and clawed him good and he fell on the floor crying (he was 23) and i got away an rqanned and hid good. Nobodies tried to take me out since. I dont like it out there. I like the inside better.

  5. Oh Forgot to say this was by Stevie.

  6. We don’t like hosepipes and we watch them furry keerfully if we haf to walk past them. A cupple of times when we wuz passing them, they have moved and we jump fifty feet in the air

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