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I had a tick on rim of my eye this time! I had to get up on ma’s lap and blink a bunch for her to notice. She knew it was an engorged tick right away. Dad and Sean thought it was just an eye booger-no boys! She got her tweezers and gingerly got the blood sucking meanie away from my eye! I still don’t have a tick collar, but it wouldn’t have done me any good with a tick where I had it anyway. I did get some treats for being good-like what else did she expect?



  1. oh oh oh – can she get your v-e-t to prescribe revolution? that werks great!

  2. A tick? Near your eyeball? Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Thank goodness your ma got him off of there. ::shudders::

  3. glad your mom got rid of that tick – they can be so bothersome!

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