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Mom had a bad day. First she had to go to the dentist really early.

Then a strange man was here looking at the cold air machine in the basement-for 4 hours. Yep, that’s my basement and I didn’t like it!

When I finally got to sniff the fresh air, it was getting late and I didn’t have my harness on. I think mom was going to just let me walk around the front sidewalk and push me back in again. Well she was wrong.

I saw a bird-a catbird! And it was hopping around and I had my chance to nab it! I don’t know what I was thinking! I am afraid of that bad road. And that bird brain went right into a bush next to the road and I went after it! Mom started yelling and ran and grabbed my tail. That made me really mad and I hissed at her and took off toward the house. I was dazed and confused! When she finally got me, I got tossed into the house. Man did I tear around the place kicking up rugs behind me. She told me she would be sick if she had lost me. I gave her a cooling and then got up on her lap and snuggled down a bit later.

Never again!



  1. Cosmo what was you finkin. Its a gud fing yur butt didnt get sore.
    My mommy had me outside in her arms in Decembber wiff snow on the ground. It was midnight. I was walking the rail or the deck. Next Fing i was under the deck heading for behind the tree middle of our deck.Sissy was in her pjs and had to belly crawl after me. I ranned and hissed. Before i got behind the tree (where she couldnt reach me) she tugged my tail i turned and hissed bit her arm and she grabbed me up and hauled me back in. I was grounded too. And got a but whupping (2 smacks) and a lecture too (just beat me okay and get it over wiff) and nagged for weeks (again please just be me and be done). She nags too much. I hate that about my sisy. Nag Nag Nag….Salem (I understand)

    Hey did you get nagged??

  2. Oh,Cosmo, that is a very very very scary adventure you have. I do not think you should do that again. OK?

  3. Don’t scare you mum like that. Mum’s get all worried about us getting hit by cars.

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