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I was kinda on my ma’s poop list today as I broke a glassy thing that was in the way in the new window. It banged against another really expensive glassy thing and made a terrible noise. Ma had to get out of bed to investigate and to make sure I didn’t cut myself. So what is they all have told me a gazillion times to stay out of the window!

Ma’s also found a few dingleberries in the living room. What do they think I’m doing when I run like heck through the house? You have to be able to shake them off somehow!

So today I was meowing a bunch to go out and ma gets something I really hate-her harmonica! It hurts my ears. I moved away from her and the door straight to my food dish-almost every time she played it! I was showing her up, not acting like Pavlov’s dogs who when they heard a bell ring knew they were going to get food. Well, maybe it was something like that. ; )



  1. Cosmo, I broked a glass thing last week, too. I did not get in very bad trouble though.

  2. I think people should learn not to put glass things on window sills. Window sills are for kitties. I didn’t know that a harmonica would hurt a kitty’s ears.

  3. Eeeew we don’t like harmonica either. Dad has got one and if he plays it, we cry and run away. Mum’s hidden it now though.
    ::whisper:: I get the same trouble with dingleberries. I run like the wind, but they keep following me.

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