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Ma said she would never leave me alone with plastic bags too long. After she took this photo, they got picked up right away.
Cos and more bags



  1. All those bags and no cat treats? How disappointing! At least you can play with the bags. Plastic bags aren’t nearly as much fun as paper bags, though.

  2. Bags are always fun to play in!

  3. have fun but be careful with plastic bags. cats have been known to suffocate themselves with plastic bags 😦

  4. Hey that is so cool! My human has a bunch of them all packed in a closet and ready to be layed all around the kitchen floor. Sometimes I can open the closet door by myself! The most fun I had was when I spilled on the floor that box of “fusilli” from the upper shelf along with the plastic bags. I simply can’t grasp the concept that this is *food*, I just know that when you walk on it, it makes that wonderful crunchy sound!

    BTW Cosmo, I’d swear you were my brother Ulysse. I wonder if we’re related?
    That’s my brother:

    And that’s me:

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