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So I’m pretty fast on the ball-I learn stuff in a jiffy. When ma let me use an outside tree as a ‘scratching post’ I was a bit curious, but ah it felt so good on my claws! Now when I am near the chestnut tree (incidentally ma hates them as they are messy trees), I go to town scratching. It also marks my territory!

I haven’t seen the tuxie cat since ma took his photo. Not to say I don’t go to that corner of the yard and sniff and check for his presence. I still need tick juice. Mom tries to wipe me down before I go in the house and I get mad and actually nipped her hand last week. I do love the great outdoors!



  1. Oh, using a tree as a scratchin’ post sounds very fun! And you can look for bugs and lizards and stuff, too.

  2. Real trees make the very best scratching posts. I’m glad your intruder hasn’t come back. I hope your Mom finds some tick juice for you soon.

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