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This is turning out to be a bad  year for ticks which isn’t good for a guy like me who wants to be on the prowl outside. Yeah, my belly is brushing the grass sometimes. Yeah, ma got a engorged tick out of the fold in my one ear and doused it with alcohol. Today on the way in, another tick was crawling up my back! Ma hates ticks as she has Lyme Disease and was really sick. She worries about that a lot! I wonder if I should get a tick collar? I’ve never worn one before and I don’t want anymore bugs crawling on me! Any suggestions?



  1. Ticks? Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I hate ticks. I never wore a tick collar before, so I can’t give you advice. Except just to make them stay away from you!

  2. Tick collars can be very useful, but be careful of them. Some cats are allergic to them and can get an abcess under the collar.

  3. Ew ew ew ew!!! Mom says sum Advantage or ofur monthly liquid fur yur neck, that’s fur fleas, also does ticks. I don’t amember which but it’s better than a tick collar an much better than ticks!
    We tagged you fur a new meme… come see our blog fur the insturktions.

  4. Ain’t no ticks on me no there aint no ticks on me schmabye ticks on someof you chicks but aint no ticks on me. wes luf that commercial.
    Victor is right. Advantage is good for killing ticks.

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