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Mom saw ‘Tuxie cat’ watching her from under the brush in the corner of the yard and made a big fuss over him or her. This must be the kid of the older cat with all the scars on its nose! This guy’s face was clean and had a little pink nose. Mom was taking photos of flowers and decided to capture this one of Tuxie, even though he hissed and growled at her.

Tuxie the invader cat
You made your presence known stink bomb-now scat!



  1. oh hes bery purrdy. he looks like hes a gud size not too skinny.

  2. He is a handsome cat. But he should not invade your territory. Maybe he does not know his manners yet.

  3. He’s certainly clean looking for an outdoor cat. He must belong to someone.

  4. He’s a good-looking tuxie, I’ll give him that. He shouldn’t be in your yard, though.

  5. He’s sweet, but he duzn’t look too happy to haf his pichur taken.

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