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Ma and Sean were gone a few hours on Friday and came back with all this Amish homemade food like chicken salad, macaroni salad, cinnamon buns and donuts! Naughty ma, that’s fattening stuff! She was on her last bite of a chicken salad sandwich and I was under the table feeling all weird and stuff. I started to ‘crank it up’ and man did I hurl all of my dinner a few feet from ma! She knew that sound and picked me up and put me in the kitchen and I did it a few more times, but not as much. Dad got the kitchen, ma got the dining room rug to clean up. She said she had lost her appetite after cleaning up my mess. I just ate too fast! I was at my dish eating again and she just shook her head. I think I helped her a bit tonight. I don’t know what to do about the donuts and cinnamon buns though.

And what was in the bag below-marked down Easter stuff like candy (uh oh) and junk.


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  1. Sorry you bomited. I never bomit. But my sister Pixie bomits all the time. Then she eats again, too.

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