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 Firstly, we are sorry for all the kitties who went over the rainbow bridge lately like Gizzy whose blog we just saw tonight. I hope LillyLu feels better soon. 

Here I am supporting yet another bag that ma brought into this house. She blames mom-mom for ‘giving her stuff’. Why can’t mom-mom load up on some good catnip for her precious Cosmo? I don’t get her at all. That’s all I need is more crap stuff that I have to walk around or try not to break. Helping ma



  1. Cosmo, I have never tried to lean on a bag before. I am going to try it.

  2. I don’t lean on bags, but I like to get inside to see what’s in it.

  3. You look comfy leaning on the bag. I hope you get to play with it, once it’s empty.

  4. Hmmm…what’s in da bag….?

  5. Did you check to see if there was anything in there for you?

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