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Here I am enjoying a nice spring day. And I’m on the harness. “Hey lady- (Jerry Lewis impersonation)-get the rake out, you’ve got some leaves to clean up!”
Cos on harness
Some people were walking down the road and I got scared and sat next to ma on the front step. She must have taken a gazillion photos of me next to these flowers-la-dee-da!
Cosmo next to pansies



  1. Cosmo, you sure look cute posing next to the pretty flowers. I’m glad you had a fun outing on your harness.

  2. Hmm, there are a lot of leaves that need raking. My yard looks like that sometimes. You look great next to the flowers. I’m glad that you got to go outside.

  3. Yup, we gots leafs for Mom an the boy to pick up. No flowers like that yet, tho. Later this week, it might even (whisper) snow. Enjoy the nice weather!

  4. Doood, the Woman say your pictures here and she just gasped. You look just like the Cat Who Came Before Me. It’s both cool and freaky!

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