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What’s going on here? I don’t smell coffee…is it?…could it be…MY NIP!!!! WOO HOO!!!! I love you old coffeepot!!
The old coffee pot!

I love the old coffeepot!



  1. That’s a good spot to stash yer ‘nip!

  2. At least yer mum lets yoo get to yer nip stash. We can only haf so much at a time on accownt of Flynn going on nip overload.

  3. Hmm, since our humans get their caffeine nip several cups a day, we think kitties should get several pots of nip every day!

    The Artsy Catsy bunch

  4. Is your human making ‘nip laced coffee, or was this an attempt to keep you from what’s rightfully yours?

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