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Yes, I am mesmerized my those red feathers on a stick! Ma said I’m a clever boy because now I know where to grab the black plastic stick-right above the feathers, to get a good hold on it. I definitely recommend this toy to all my pals. She found this one at Target. Soon she’ll go to the Philly Flower show and get me some new nip. : ) I really NEED it!

There it is-GIVE IT TO ME!
Ok-here’s 10 things that start with ‘C’ for Cosmo-
1.Cosmo-who else?

2.Catnip that is perfectly seasoned and dried.

3.Catnip that is hidden in a toy or mouse.

4. Curvy areas of a warm body to lay on-hubba, hubba!

5. Catfish which is really yummy!

6. Canned tuna

7. Cold whipped cream (so I’m cheating, my brain can’t think of lots of ‘C’ things).

8. Cat blogs of course!!!

9. Catering-to me of course!

10. Did I say Cosmo, opps!


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