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It’s a new thing with me. Mom sits on the right side of the soffie because she is a leftie pawed lady. I get on her lap and one night dad and her were playing and came up with something. Dad put his hand under the arm cover thingie and mom makes a ‘ohh…I’m scared’ high pitched yelp. It scares me and I jump down as fast as I can. Now I see that arm cover and wonder what the heck is under it that is making her get so high pitched on me.

I got scolded for sticking my head in the green indoor water can. Mom said she had used drops of fertilizer in it the last time she watered her plants and didn’t want me drinking it. Seanie boy said there was like a drop of water left in it. Can’t a guy have a sniff of something without people getting bent all out of shape? Geez!


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  1. Be careful, that sofie arm cover sounds like it could be vishus!

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