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Mom and Dad got themselves a new ‘flashy box’ for Christmas. Mom was playing with it and caught me sunnying myself under the dining room table. Ha-ha-she forgot to remove the big white envelope there!



  1. Hi! My mommy does the same thing with the flashy thing. What is it about mommys that makes them takes pictures when we are most snuggly and sleepy????
    You look pury handsome! That is a great sunbeam!

  2. Nice sunbeam, but under that table doesn’t look like the most comfy place!

  3. That’s what she gets for trying to sneak up on ya! . . . Like the Sandy Paws hat!

  4. Merry clawmas to you too! hey, you seem to njoy the warm sunlight very much.
    Do check out this post on kitties in a holiday mood. Am sure you will like it..


  5. Just dropping by to wish you and your humans a furry Merry Christmas, Cosmo!


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