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Very funny! So I’m looking through the slats on the chair-oh go and get the flashy box and make me look so evil with those glowin’ eyes. At least I don’t get red ‘devil’ eyes when I get my photo taken. Ha!
And look at this-I’m surrounded by books on the floor! Mom has two huge bookcases above me in this photo and she can’t fit another book in them. So pathetic.



  1. Looks like yoo are trying to hippy-no-ties yer mum wiv those glowing eyes.

  2. You don’t look evil. Just intense. Very intense! — Alberta, Sky, Blackie, Charlie and Maggie Fu

  3. Your eyes are hypnotizing!

  4. I agree Cosmo. I don’t know what’s worse, lazer eyes or devil eyes. Why can’t humans learn to take a decent picture of us?


  5. Scary eyes, Cosmo!

    I hear you about the books on the floor thing. My humans have one whole wall of bookshelves in the living-room, one whole wall of bookshelves in the spare room, and yet there are still books lying all over the house. It’s an addiction.

  6. We has lotsa books, too. I fink beans who like cats also like books. Don’t know why, but they’s fun to lie on. Which comes furst, cats or books?

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