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It was a nice day, just a little chilly, so I got to go out and investigate the yard-MY yard! Those leaves are still falling off the trees and every time you step on them they make a ‘crunch’ sound. And forget about the hill behind the house-that was like a booby trap of crunches! I heard one there…and then again over there! Who’s sneaking around? Mom went to get her camera and left me hooked on the chair here. She wanted to take photos of the ‘purdy’ leaves that are still stuck on the branches of some of her bushes and trees. She’s funny.
I did notice little ‘dig’ marks in the grass and dirt, like something was looking for nuts, etc. That drives me crazy!
I guess I’ll be settling in soon for the long winter.



  1. It’s hard to know where to look fur birds an squirrels when the leaves crunch all around you. I fink der’s a chirpmonk comin on our porch to eat pumpkin, but I can’t see him!

  2. You know, if you sniff around, I’ll bet it smells like SQUIRREL!! Ours torment us, but we never get to go out and smell them like you did.

  3. We like it when the leaves are on the ground cuz thay are gud furr playing in. We chase skrirrows in the feelds but thay don’t come in the garden cuz thay know we are waiting furr them. The rabbits come in the garden though an mum gets mad cuz thay dig effurry fing up.

  4. I like the autumny smells. Mum has been tidying our garden for the winter and planting bulbs. She gets cross when the leaves fall in the pond because she has to get them out again. I have been good so far and not dug up the bulbs again.

  5. Crunchy leaves – sounds like fun! You’re lucky you can go outside!

    * November 7 is “Dona Nobis Pacem” Day – spread the word.

  6. My ma found a dead rodent today out front-she didn’t know if it’ was a squirrel or rat-the fluffy stuff on the tail was gone! Maybe it got zapped or something.–>

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