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My human bro Sean will turn 20 on the 24th. Is that old or what? Ma is really old you know, like more than twice Sean’s age. So I agreed to pose with him today. Mom wanted to show off the leaves she added around the door. Why? I don’t know. Leaves should stay on the trees or when they are this color- on the ground. (Dudes-I think these are fake!)

Ma also did a really weird thing tonight. She put water in her mouth from the big drink bottle and a terrible noise came out of her! Like a *gargle*gargle*!! I didn’t know what to think, but I did a double take when she did it more than once. Then I ignored her by licking my leg.



  1. Why do humans spend their money on that fake stuff. It’s cool and all, but they could spend money on us kitties instead – those leaves aren’t gonna be snugglin’ wif them during the cold Autum nights!

  2. haappy purrthday hooman brofur.

  3. Give Sean’s hair a purrthday lick from me. I just had my purrthday too! The leaves are furry colourful. But not as colourful as a ginger kitty.

  4. Happy belated birthday to the boy!
    All the money spent on that decoratin’ stuff could go for stinky goodness, cat beds & mousies!

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