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Mom, why did you make me go sit over here? You know that when you sit on the floor, I want to see what you are up to and will walk on your lap or whatever stuff is in front of you.
Then you get the ‘flashy box’ out and start taking photos of ‘stuff’ you say is for eBay. ‘E’ who? I don’t know who that is. Anywho, thanks again for making my eyes glow!
You just had to take my photo again.. and again.
It’s not even Halloween time yet.



  1. NO WAY!!! I culd pass fur yer twin! Maybe we can play that city/country mowse game eggsept we can be cats, not mice!! -Cheeto

  2. Humans get all funny with that flashy box in their hands. She got a good picture of you though. Hopefully, she’s not putting you on EBay. 🙂

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