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So here I am all cozy on my ma. (Ma has a pillow on her lap). Dad had to get that ‘flashy box’ and disturb my harmony.He does this all the time for some reason. I think he is jealous or something.



  1. Definitely the ahhhhhhhh factor. Except for the flashy box. Definitely except for the flashy box.
    ~~ Mini

  2. You are lookin furry comfortable there. Ahhh is right. Even better without the flashybox.

  3. Very cozy!

  4. You do look kind of cute there Cosmo. Have you heard the good news about Luna? I put a Happy Dance on my site, the fat cats are dancing!

  5. your very cute cosmo

  6. You and your ma look real cozy! After your trip to that vet last week and the stinky stuff she’s been putting on the walls this week, you two deserve some quiet time together. BTW: did you manage to leave a paw print on the wall stuff where she hasn’t found it yet???

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