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Today was the yearly trip to the v-e-t. Mom brought up the blue cage and wiped it off and unscrewed the top. Yeah, I was watching…she didn’t think I was. When it came time, they (the human bro) treated me like a Thanksgiving turkey-stuffing me in ‘the pot’ (cage) and putting the lid on to let me cook for a while. How mean is all that? So I started crying in the driveway and they both laughed (she let my human bro drive). I was miserable the entire way.
When we got there it smelled like about a dozen doggies had the runs. Even mom gagged! They lead us to a room and the assistant got the scale. I moved around a bit, but she settled on the weight-14 pds. 7 oz! Whoa! I was 13 pds 13 oz last year. Yeah, I like the food in those pouches and rarely leave any leftovers in the dish. The vet came in and she was young and new. Dr. Corinna had the highest voice-kinda got on my nerves. She said my teeth looked fine. But I heard her say to give me only half a pouch (1.5 oz of food in the morning and evening-is she crazy?) I can have a few servings of dry food (1/4 cup each). I got my rabies shot and didn’t even cringe. So there! Diet-I’ll not starve-I plan on practicing my begging at least 20 times a day now. And get this…when I was waiting for ma to pay the bill, stuck back in the cage, Ma and Sean were making a big fuss over this white fluffy cat with a pink nose and lips. She thought it was a girl, but it was a boy named ‘Larry’! HA-I heard her say that mom-mom would like him. Oh great. Sean really liked him-the heck with them. Back to vocalizing!!



  1. 14 lb is nothing to a 21 lb pounder like me! I only get half a pouch in the morning and half a pouch in the evening too. And a little bit of dry food. Our pouches are 100 grammes, I don’t know what that is in ounces. Tell your mum you don’t have to start dieting until you hit 20 lb….

  2. Looks like yoo are getting all the Eric’s posting fer yoo. I get diet crunchies in the morning and 1 sashay at night, but I’s starving!! Diets don’t werk though cuz I’s put on a pound since I’s had to eat the diet crunchies. Now I’m 21lbs same as my frend Fat Eric. Mum says it’s all the mice that Flynn catches fer me.

  3. Mommakitty tricks us into our cages with treats! Then we get big hugs and treat when we get home from being such good sports at the Vet.

    We’re having a caption contest – come visit!

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