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Gang, it’s been a rough day. Mom was putting that stinky stain stuff on my favorite window and kept telling me to stay away from it all day. The entire house stinks thanks to her. About 4:30, I couldn’t take it anymore and up I went on the window! Well she had a bird and put me down the basement for punishment. I did leave some pawprints in the stuff (told you I would). I heard her saying (in my position on the top step under the door), that she needs to sand it and add more stinky stuff to it! The funniest thing was when she went to pour herself more ice tea, it was milk instead!! Ha ha you mean lady!!
This is me looking at her using the ‘flashy box’ outside. She did have me out for a long time to ‘clear her head’ and to make me tired. It didn’t work, did it!?



  1. My human reacts the same as your’s, Cosmo. Why does everything need to be so neat and clean when they should know it will get dirty within 5.2 seconds upon finishing? I wish they would realize this so we didn’t have to suffer!

  2. Doesn’t your human know that everything has to have catprints on it?

  3. We hate that stinky stuff too! Mommakitty is looking for something more organic to use so it won’t bother our noses!

    We got to do whatever we wanted today – it’s our GOTCH DAY!

  4. Heh heh…you made catprints!! You mean they REALLY thought that if they let you in the same room you WEREN’T going to jump on the sill? Humans are stupid…

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