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Remember I told you about my uncle adopting a little tuxedo (I think) he named Langston? Well, didn’t that little guy go and bond with his doggie brother Baxter the dalmation! My uncle was telling mom-mom this and she told mom. Now, it’s not really unusual because the cat and dog are together all day. I, of course am bonded with ma. She said when I first came into the house, she’d sit on the floor with a big towel over her and let me climb in her lap. Dad did a few things that scared me and I hurt ma bad-twice. I snagged her across the palm of her left writing hand! She had about a two inch long deep scratch. The only thing that would heal it was that glue stuff. Dad had startled me when it happened. The other time, he tossed me on the soffie which made me mad and scared me and I ran across to ma and bit her on her right lower arm. I left a puncture in her arm and she cried because she was more upset that I wasn’t going to love her. Well, I do and tonight I am keeping to myself because she keeps yelling at me to get off the windowsill. She is getting ready to put some stinky stain on the wood. I heard dad and her talking about how to keep me off of it until the stain dries. Are they crazy! I hate that stinky stuff. But, wouldn’t it be funny if I left a few paw prints in it like they do at the place in Hollywood? Hee, hee!



  1. It would be very special if you left your pawprint on the windowsill. My sissyfur, Luna, has her pawprint on our computer desk. It’s in the layers of clear stuff the humans put on there to protect it.

  2. Your dad sounds a little demented. Be cautious, be very cautious!

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