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Ma was out looking around the yard today. She hasn’t been doing this a lot lately, I think she’s getting ready to hibernate for the winter or something! Boy does she have a love of stuff to put away! Ha!
Anyhoo, when she went to come in the front door, I scooted out. She hasn’t let me ‘be free’ without the harness since the ‘hill incident’. I was sniffing around, minding my own kitty business when I stopped dead in my tracks in front of the big evergreen. I could not believe my eyes! Ma thought I saw a squirrel or bird, but it was my archenemy the tuxedo cat from a few doors down! Ma scooped me up and almost threw me in the door! Well I stood at that door and Ma said I sounded like a bull-making noises through my nose, hissing, growling, etc.! Ma closed the door and ushered me into the kitchen for some Feline Greenies. I will say they helped a lot. Treats usually do. I’ll be watching for Mr. Tuxedo!



    Was this you making lots of noise?

  2. Having never seen Mr. Tuxedo, I still think you could take him, Cosmo. Of course, I’m backing you no matter what, which is a bit biased on my part, but surely, you understand!

  3. Derby-that was my cousin. I am dignified and a bit tamer than that orange tabby. Poor, mean thang. ; (

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