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Today was a good day. I got to go out after asking for days and days! It’s been rainy and windy, so I guess I understand. I was cold too for a change. So here I am looking and sniffing toward the bank in the back yard. You remember the one I escaped down about a month ago? And lookie-there’s the dreaded purple leash/harness around me. My hair is up on my back-I must have smelled something interesting!
So I got to investigate the shed a bit too. I could smell mice-whoa! It was too overwhelming for me.
I had a blast taking it all in.



  1. It sounds like quite the adventure in your backyard, Cosmo! I wish it were nice and cool down here, but the heat just keeps rolling in.

  2. Your nose is sniffing something in that picture. We have harnesses to & like to explore outside.

  3. Ooooooh – that leash thingy looks like an interesting idea! We’ll have to tell our beans about that!

    Come visit our site again and tell more about your hiding places!–>

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