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People just never learn! Leave a door open-create a new space and us cats will go to investigate! It’s in our blood! It was a bit cramped in there and mom has to go run for the ‘flash box’ to hurt my eyes. I found a place where she is hiding something from the guys. I heard she is going to be making fake food out of Twinkies and Starburst candies to look like hotdogs and serve them for dinner some night-ha ha!



  1. It’s like a law. We must investigate!!That makes a pretty good looking clubhouse!

  2. It’s a poodin’s right to go an look in places. There’s lots of stuff in theer to check out as well.

  3. Nice one Cosmo. I’d like to think that I’d fit in there too but somehow I don’t think I would…

  4. My cat loves the tupperware cabnet too

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