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They forgot my birthday on Tuesday! I just rolled over and played dead as you can see. (I know, that’s a doggie thing). Actually, that’s the day 4 yrs ago the family adopted me. Mom said ‘Let’s make the 22nd Cosmo’s birthday too’. So quickly they forget. Mom did get me Feline greenie treats (you know I love to chew on grass outside) that are suppose to freshen a kitty’s breath and get off the stinky tartar stuff in the back. They come in two flavors. She is hoping it will help me so the v-e-t won’t complain about it next month. I like the goodies too! I guess I’m okay now. It’s rough being 6.



  1. Happy purrfday to you
    happy purrfday to you
    happy purrfday dear cosmo
    happy purrfday to you

  2. Happy Birthday, Cosmo! I hope you have many more! I’m sure your human pets will make it up to you for forgetting. They always do!

  3. Happy belated Purrthday. Hope you get extra treats and stuff.

  4. Oh Cosmo, we’s sorry we missed it too. Happy belated Purrthday. Bad beans to furget it when they live with you!
    ~~ Boni

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