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I so graciously offered my kitty services this past Monday after mom came home from food shopping. As you can see I have to ‘clean up’ first. Little did I know all this stuff was for their yearly trip to the giant sandbox. And you all know what that means-I get locked down the basement with enough (well hopefully enough) food rations to last me for three days.
When they did come home yesterday smelling ‘all funny’, mom commented that I had about a teaspoon of food left. See, what did I tell you? Why not give me the entire box to work on? The rations were way off and I was starving. I got a souvenir that dad took a photo of me with. That will be next.



  1. We finnish all the food just before the beans return so they’ll fink we didn’t haf enuf an were starvin while they were gone. My boy is at the giant sandbox fur a week right now. He builds castles there – silly bean.

    PS: My Verification Word is: tubmud!!!

  2. Locked in the basement! How horrible.
    Does it at least have windows so you can pass some time looking out? Otherwise besides eating the meager portions you’d have to sleep the time away.

  3. locked in the dungeon? that’s horrible! But Gramma Trixie saided that when she and Grampa Nortn and Ralphie moved in to this house, they hadded to stay in the dungeon all day when mommy was at werk – until Ralphie gotted sick and couldn’t go up and down the stairs, then the same fing happened to Norton, now she can’t go up and down the stairs, so the dungeon is off limits to us again.

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