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Ma was scanning old family photos and she ran across a postcard sent to her great aunt Ethel way back in 1905! It’s funny because Ethel put an ‘F’ and a ‘W’ on each kitty. Why? She was naming them after her twin brothers Francis and William-lol. It wasn’t funny that she drew on these kitties-but that’s what little kids do. Mom said Ethel only lived to be seven years old and she is glad to have this to remember her by. Glad she liked kitties!



  1. I love old-time photography and objects. The photo just has such a great charm about it, and remembering Ethel by it makes it even more special.

  2. Wow that’s neat!

  3. How nice that you have something 100 years old in your family! And, they’re great looking cats.

  4. That is a good photo Cosmo! My mum has some old brown photos like that but none with kitties in.

  5. You’re tagged!
    Come by our blog and see what you need to do…

    Kimo & Sabi
    P.S. we’ve added your link to our site.

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