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Ma said she trying to snag the links of all of you who come and visit us. She said she’ll try to update a few times a month-man she’s lazy. Thanks!!!



  1. Hey, Cosmo… I’ll tell ya a secrit. The easiest way to keep up wif links is to use The free account lets you keep one list an post it in yur sidebar an you can add to it when you visit a site you want to add by clickin a button that says “Blogroll It!” AND that’s how our link list indicats who’s got new posts. Only, not EVERY site will show new posts, but most of them. So, you don’t haf to do it that way, but it sure is easier fur the beans. They’re not too bright, you know.

  2. I been tryin to git mine Mom to update my list for effur!

  3. Hi Cosmo. I’ve just added a link to you from my bloggie! 🙂 Miaow.

  4. Hey Victor-you’s is right. Mom has blogroll on her main site. : )
    She should get her act togetha and get one for me.

  5. We were just going to tell you about Blogrolling too! We find it so much easier to keep up with since the Human signed us up.

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