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I had Ma on her toes this afternoon! She let me out and I was minding my own business chewing on grass and the neighbor’s dog yapped at me from across the street. I decided to go way under a bush and Ma was not happy as she was hot and wanted to go back in to the the arctic chill. So she found an old milk weed stem and started to poke at me! I got mad and took off down the ‘dreaded’ hill in back of the house. Ma almost had a bird! She tried everything to get me up to her, but the scents of other animals and all made me want to wonder on. I did this for an entire hour. Finally, when I had enough (my decision!) I crept up and she grabbed me and tossed me in the house. I heard her say to dad that ‘that was it’ with being without the harness outside-drats! But she had no right poking me with the stick either. She wouldn’t feed me until I ‘kissed’ her hand. When I first came in I wanted to bite her so bad. I hope I don’t have bugs on me. I think I’ll go lay near Ma’s bed!



  1. I hafen’t been out wifout my harness. What’s wif moms not wantin us to go unner bushes? Mom pulled me out an said sumfing bout thorns. I just wanted to smell her roses!

  2. Hi Cosmo good to meet you. Thanks for calling by our new blog the other day. We are only just about catching up on effury one. We don’t haf to wear those harness thingies. Our beans haf got some fields where the horses live and we are allowed to walk around them. We’re not allowed over the hedges though into our neighbours fields. If we do, we’re told we are bad kitties and have to go indoors. Don’t blame you for getting mad at being prodded, we would to.

  3. I’m not allowed outside, but sometimes I escape, and that does not make Mom happy. One time there was lotsa snow, and I’m light enough to walk on top of it, but she kept sinkin’ in. I had to keep lookin’ back to laugh at her!


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