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No wonder I have a hissy fit sometimes. You people and your light box! Geez-I am just trying to get 40 winks (what does that really mean?) and you stick that thing in my face and ‘pop’ there goes that bright light. Can’t you see me and my piggie bank want to be left alone? I am still not in the forgiving mood because ma had me outside on the harness and I decided I didn’t want to budge and stood my ground and hissed at her. I even tried to bite her! She’s a pain sometimes…but I do love her… I think.



  1. yep, the flashy box is a terrible fing. we just bob our heads around so that the pikshurs turn out all fuzzy

  2. Isn’t it awful how you can’t get a rest without the flashy thing being in your face! I just hate it.


  3. We like to turn our heads just as the flash goes. She can’t take a decent picture! How much money ya got in your bank?

  4. You do look very cheesed off in that picture, Cosmo! I don’t mind her taking pictures too much but I don’t like it when she uses the flash.

  5. My human pet is convinced I am photogenic, but when that flash comes on, I close my eyes real tight so she’ll never get a good picture. It’s my form of payback!

  6. We really hate to be woken up by that flashy thing … BTW: We looked it up: “40 winks” = A brief nap, as in There’s just time for forty winks before we have to leave. This expression supposedly was first recorded in 1828 and relies on wink in the sense of “sleep,” a usage dating from the 14th century. Synonyms: nap, catnap, cat sleep, short sleep, snooze

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