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Hey where did it go?

I got that one…yeck…what is that stuff?

Ahh…I get it…watch it like the birdies…



  1. Oh, bubbles! Long, long ago we lived in a tiny house an the beans would make bubbles from the hot air blower (yes it blew that hard) for me to chase. Efun better, Mom found catnip scented bubbles. Sumone gave the boy touchable bubbles – they were REALLY weird. Of course, I’m much to mature to chase bubbles now.

  2. Cosmo, what ARE those? I seen a few at my house, but I was ascared to touch em. When I sniffed one, it sneezed on me!

    PS Mom LOVES the last shot, wif your head tilted.

  3. efen the catnip bubbles taste horrible

  4. I have never tasted a bubble, but after seeing your expression, Cosmo, I don’t think I want to!

  5. Ohhhhhhh those are wild! My Mommy loves that last shot too. Boni tilts her head like that when she’s curious too.

    ~~ Sanjee

  6. Bubbles! I want to try some!

    Misty E.

  7. Bubbles look interesting! I have interesting news on my blog today – fellow gingers Big Eric and Flynn have got a new blog, please visit and say hi to them if you can!

  8. What a cute series of pictures!

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