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Something strange was under this bush. I couldn’t quite get the scent of the critter. It was way up in there. Mom had to come and get me as I was in this same spot for about 10 minutes. Don’t my stripes look handsome though?



  1. Loverly stripes, but what sort of critter did you smell? Sumfing birdy, or mousie, or kitty, or… what?

  2. Very very handsome! Bummer she had to come and get you and interrupt your important work. Who knows what you would have found? — Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie

  3. Very handsome stripes, Cosmo. Wonder what was under the bush? I found a stag beetle in our garden the other day but mum took it away from me because they are endangered or some such nonsense. It is too too hot here for a furry kitty like me, I need a holiday somewhere cool.

  4. Your stripes do look very nice! What was under the bush though, or did you never find out?

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