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Well the Catolympics missed an event that I excel at-ice hockey! Just drop a chipped piece of ice on the new kitchen floor (and this happens a lot), I bat it around until it gets too cold for my paw. I start shaking my paw and my mom laughs. : )
Thanks for asking about all the rain in our immediate area. We got some water in our basement, just enough for me to get my paws wet. The peeps cleaned it up fairly well, but have to move stuff so gross stuff doesn’t grow, whatever that is. But rivers and all have overflowed. The road to my grandmom’s was terrible and mom couldn’t get to her house this past Wednesday. Things seem to be drying out. Thanks for your concern.



  1. I enjoy a good game of ice hockey on the kitchen floor, too. When Dad puts ice in my water bowl, sometimes he gives me a cube to play with. We should suggest this for the next catolympics. There would be at least us 2 competing.


  2. Ice hockey is fun. I specially like playing it with whole big pieces of ice. We’re glad yall are ok from the water. Don’t the rain know that cats don’t want to be in water?

    ~~ Boni

  3. Huh, don’t know bout that ice hockey, but Mom put a snowball in my water during winter! You should pet-i-shun for a new event for the next Catolympics.

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