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Guys, there’s terrible booming noises all around me! I was in the new window and quickly got down. I wasn’t even interested in mom’s ice cream and whipped cream! Maybe it’s the closing ceremony of the Catolympics that I completely forgot about! I can’t believe they did all those events in one day. Wow-cats are really athletic!
The noise seems to be quieting down. Whew!



  1. Hey Cosmo, you OK? I haven’t been able to visit many blogs lately, my mum’s been doing loads of schoolwork. Hope you got over the scary noises!

  2. wes hope yous are ok withthe rain and flooding and all

  3. That sounds horrible! Was it a storm? I hate storms, but not as much as my sister, Isis, hates storms. The thunder makes her extremely jumpy and irritable!

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