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I am not really allowed to be in this window, but I said ‘what the heck’ and decided to enjoy the view. I gingerly went around all the tchotchkes and plants and settled in for a snooze. Mom was not amused and I got chased.



  1. But you look so cute there! We think you should get your mum to move all the breakable stuff and put down some cushions for your convenience. After all, all the windowseats in the house are YOURS, right?

  2. Well gosh…it’s amazing that you were able to fit in there without knocking anything over. We agree with Eric, though. You SHOULD have your own cushion and some space to spread out.

  3. we agree with Eric too. She needs to cut down on the junk & put a kitty bed there.

  4. Sorry you missed the party man.

  5. I think she should let you stay there as it is a completely awesome photo area for you! You must be very agile (and not an oafish brute like me) to make it through all of that stuff without knocking it all over!

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